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Unique sounds
for unique apps

custom-made interface sounds for your app


Boost your app with custom UI sounds

Audio Bits provide tailor-made interface sounds for your app. By putting just the right sounds in just the right place, Audio Bits gives your app a clearer and bigger impact.

Sadly, UI sound design for apps is often overlooked, but can be a valuable asset to any project. Here are some points about how sound can contribute to your app:

  • Emphasise important functions
  • Achieve a more professional product
  • Add a sound identity (and audio logo) e.g. a characteristic notification sound, and stand out in public
  • Communicate with the user when they don't see the GUI (e.g. in a fitness app)
  • Complement the UI with tactile sensations (e.g. by adding sound to a jog wheel)
  • Help weak-sighted people

And here's what a professional sound designer can add to your project:

  • Create custom-made sounds to suit your app's specific needs
  • Design sounds specialised for small speakers
  • Make sure the sound design matches the visual design of your GUI
  • A shared identity through all sounds in your app
  • Help you determine when sound makes sense
  • Choose which sounds should be subtle and which should stand out
  • Technical knowledge about digital audio, acoustics, psychoacoustics etc.



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Companies I have delivered sounds to

We have hade a splendid collaboration with Nikolaj. The quality of his products is good and contributes to the UI in our apps with a clear indication of how the user should react. Nikolaj responds quickly and precisely on our technical wishes. The artistic element has been consistent and unexceptionable.
— Aksel Schmidt, Software pilot, Trifork
It’s really a privilege to work with somebody as creative and talented as Nikolaj. He has been great at understanding our mindset and adjusting his craft to express our identity. I am really thankful for his creative touch to the Swipes App.
— Stefan Vladimirov, Chief Creative, Swipes
We have used Nikolaj as UI sound designer in several projects with great success. He quickly understands the role of sound in a project, and always finds the perfect solution - we will definitely use him in future projects.
— Anders Balslev, CEO, Duckwise
Nikolaj’s sound design ensured an excellent overall user experience in Grundfos’ latest app “Grundfos GO Balance”. Our collaboration with Nikolaj was very efficient, and you could clearly sense a big dedication helping us reach our goal.
Nikolaj’s method with laying out different sound scenarios and at the same time giving recommendation based on his expertise, made every decision easy. His ability to deliver results and provide advice was worth gold. Something you really appreciate as a UX Lead on an app.
— Rose Kampmann, Interface & Interaction Designer, Grundfos
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My name is Nikolaj de Haan Mikkelsen and I’m an audio nerd and a UI sound designer. I love creating new and original sounds, and constantly look for things to record. I always carry around my portable recorder and have a huge library of recordings from my studio and around the world.

I believe we're heading towards a world, where our technology strives to be less intrusive on our attention, encouraging us to stare less at our small screens, giving a more holistic experience. Therefore, I think UI sounds will play a bigger role in the future, as more things will need audio to guide the user – and my mission is to make this sound better and get rid of all the audio clutter through intentional and meaningful sounds – to make the world sound just a little bit better.

I'm educated in sound design, electronic music and music production at The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, and have experience working with many different professional sound design processes. Furthermore, I am co-owner and sound designer at Finetone UI sound packs.

I am very conscious about the importance of communication during the design process, and make a big effort of understanding the concept behind your app, and afterwards presenting my sound sketches in an easily accessible way. 

I'm also a musician, and you are very welcome to check out one of my bands: Silent People.

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The Design Process

Here's an example of how the typical sound design process for an app would look like:

Click for full screen


You are allowed to use your sounds free of charge and royalty free in any of your projects (apps, games, videos, animations, presentations, audio books...) be it for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

However, you are not allowed to:

  • Post, license or resell the sounds for others to download, copy or use
  • Share the sounds with non-purchasers of Audio Bits
  • Use them as a raw material to create new sounds that you will sell, distribute or offer for downloading

Unless agreed on, you are not allowed to:

  • Distribute the sounds in apps that use the sounds as the app's sound library for other people's use (such as video editing app, animation creator, song maker app, ebook creator...)
  • Use the sounds in any form of "easy app builder" tools or websites
  • Use the sounds in a way that encourages downstream distribution - e.g. templates, skins, theme kits or similar uses (the person using the theme or template might not know where the sounds came from and thus wouldn't be following the license)

By applicable law, in no event will licensor be liable to you on any legal theory for any special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages arising out of this license or the use of the work, even if licensor has been advised of the possibility of such damages.